Selamat Datang.

I would like to bid a very warm welcome to all participants and delegates of the World Hospitality, Lifestyle and Entertainment Exhibition & Conference (WHOLE) 2020. To our international guests, welcome to Malaysia. It fills me with great pride to see Malaysia host an international event of this magnitude. There is much that Malaysia has to offer to our visitors and we hope that WHOLE 2020 can serve as a platform to showcase our complete ecosystem of tourism and hospitality services. There is always something interesting to do when you’re in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur, in particular, has been touted as the 2nd fastest growing destination in the world. Meanwhile, the island-state of Penang was featured by CNN Travel as one of the places to visit for the ultimate Asia experience.

With Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020) now upon us, we hope to show the world the best of what Malaysia has to offer in a single, event-packed year. Targeting a record number of 30 million international tourists and RM100 billion in tourist receipts nationwide, VM2020 will focus on high-yield tourism for both business and leisure tourists by strengthening Malaysia’s position as a destination of diversity renowned for its natural and cultural heritage. Penang has been chosen as the launch pad for the first ever WHOLE 2020 due to its great position of being a state that prioritises both business and leisure. Just last year, it was found that the service industry had outperformed manufacturing in its contribution to the island’s GDP. This shows that Penang is committed to the mission of providing a great travel experience to all of its visitors.

WHOLE 2020 will see 350 exhibitors from all around the globe filling up the floors of Penang’s SPICE Arena & Convention Centre. The uniqueness of WHOLE as a platform that caters to each and every aspect of the hospitality industry is what sets it apart from any other event in the world. The exhibitors will be displaying their services which range across accommodation & lodging, lifestyle & entertainment, wellness, food & beverage. With participation from not only businesses but also academic and governmental institutions, WHOLE 2020 is truly an event that covers the entire spectrum of hospitality. There is great enthusiasm here in building up a platform for both tourists and business owners who come seeking opportunities not only locally but also from around the globe. Take your time to explore what Penang and Malaysia has to offer, you won’t regret it.

I hope to see more visitors in the future and I anticipate that this year’s visitors will definitely want to come back for more. Malaysia is a country like no other, a country that is Truly Asia.

Thank you and enjoy your time here.