To the honourable and prosperous visitors, welcome to Penang. The island is a gathering point for various talents ranging from cuisine, literature, arts, and many more. Located on the northern region of Malaysia, Penang is a drive away from Thailand’s border and the international airport is always prepared to receive visitors from all around the world.

As how one rarely forgets mentioning the sakura blossoms when speaking of Japan, it is very often that one mentions great food and rich culture when talking about Penang. Both local and international travellers make it a priority to visit the island state when they wish to experience some of the best food and attractions that Southeast Asia has to offer.

Speaking on behalf of my team, we are always committed to ensuring the experience of exploring Penang is always kept at the best level. Whether it’s the availability of good public transportation or suitable venues for events, we are constantly improving things to ensure that visitors can enjoy Penang without any hassle.

One of our efforts to elevate Penang’s position as a global destination for tourism and business-tourism is the establishment of PETACH – a combination of four portfolios comprising of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Heritage. This is part of the first phase in the Penang Tourism Master Plan where we focus our direction and strategies towards tourism growth in line with the Penang 2030 Vision.

Business-tourism plays a big role in both Penang’s and Malaysia’s economic growth and it will only grow even bigger in the future. It is projected that by 2020, the country’s business events industry will create 16,720 jobs, bring in 2.9 million business visitors and record more than RM3.9 billion gross national income.

As more meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE) are held in Penang, the economic spin-off also increases proportionally. The benefits of this will be felt by the locals and also the travellers who either come for business, leisure, or both. More opportunities will be discovered as visitors will have their horizons broadened and their perspectives widened.

The humble state of Penang will become prosperous in the eyes of the world by inviting the world to its very doorsteps. As such, it is with great pleasure that I welcome the inaugural World Hospitality, Lifestyle & Entertainment Exhibition and Conference (WHOLE 2020) to Penang. Alpine Group Services, the organisers of this event, has done an amazing job to bring this all together and I heartily congratulate them.

Dear visitors, Penang now opens its doors to you. Come and sit down with various businesses around the world and see what great opportunities lie ahead. We are always happy to welcome those who hold onto their mission to share and grow.